Comprehensive monitoring platform for Site and machine rooms

      Site/ machine room comprehensive monitoringsolution aims at the centralized monitoringmaintenance management system raised by the power and environment of the scattered monitory points like communication machine rooms and Sites. The solution offers real-time monitoring and device running status monitoring, and it will record and deal with the data, detecting disorders and informing related personnel, which can satisfy the unattended machine rooms and Sites and increase the reliability and safety of the communication network in power system and communication devices, in order to support our clients with management automation, operationintelligentialization and decision-makingscientific.

     According to individual client requirements, the operation and maintenance management platform for Sites can set up different business and start deployment from our client’s most urgent need.

?  Energy monitoring such as city power, D.G and battery;

?  Working environment monitoring;

?  Temperature controlling devicejoint debugging;

?  Access control system and substitute maintaining and check;

?  Defense system around the Site;

?  Video monitoring system;

?  Energy-consuming monitoring and energy-saving analytic system.。

Customer value

?  To realize remote management of Sites and simplify the operation and maintenance management group;

?  To grasp the real-time status of the Site and check the disorder to get rid of the potential fault during its infancy;

?  To deploy solutions according to customer’s pain points and increase the effect of operation and maintenance;

?  To provide large amount of data for our customers and, at a macro level, make a construction planning and purchase the device and equipments according to the existing products’ operational performance.                                 

Successful cases

Case 1 Zhejiang China Unicom Guyi IDC machine room instruction in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou

Project background

      Zhejiang China Unicom Guyi IDC machine room has various systems at present, making it difficult to collective management, and during maintenance and measure-taking, it’s hard to collect each system’s data.


      We classify the item by monitoring objects into the following kinds: intelligent device, high voltage distribution device, battery set, entrance guard system, camera-shooting system, environmental volume and third-party system.

Customer value
  The continuity of the machine room’s business relies on dependable dynamic guarantee, and the devices in machine room mean city power distribution, power generator, UPS, battery, etc. With the knowledge of the power generator’s oil level alarming and battery condition detecting, we can assist the controller’s daily work and once the city power goes off, we can still use the guarantee function to effectively prevent the machine room power going off to keep its continuity.

?  The system support 3D configuration mode display and can all digitally imitate the environment and operating condition of the machine room device to allow the operator see clear.

?  As the core business supporting platform of the enterprise, the security of machine room is vital. Bonson power and environment monitoring system, with the help of the entrance guard ,can correctly judge illegal door-open and make the alarm ring and send messages and phone-calls, and according to the video, assure the security of the machine room at most. By detecting the temperature, humidity, smoke sensing, water leaking of the machine room, we can realize its security management need. So the enterprise can arrange less people and even no people to reduce human resource cost.

?  The system will have an all-around record of the operators, content, time, disorder point, disorder content, disorder dealing and disorder time, and support two inquiry ways i.e. real-time dynamic curve and historic curve, which will help the manager, with direct image display, quickly analyze the operation condition of the system and provide him with complete systematic operation maintenance data.

Case 2 Jiangxi China Mobile Sites around the province power and environment centralized monitoring project

Project introduction

      Since 2010, Guangzhou Bonson has undertaken the power and environment centralized monitoring system of China Mobile Group’s Jiangxi Branch Company, and has realized a collective monitoring, maintenance and management of over 20 thousand Sites around the province.

Challenges that clients facing

?  Widely distributed Sites in large number, covers complex land-forms which is difficult to management, know little about the scene condition;

?  The difficulty of prevention of fire and thievery;

?  Because of the city power going off and battery going old, the Site would halt its device operation and the business halt will lead to the operator’s massive loss.


?  Adjust measures to local conditions, and use unified platform collective management method to make unified management of the Sites, grasping the real-time working condition of the station and alarm the users in time to make sure the operator’s business going steadily, realizing elaborate management to maintain the device and enhance the efficiency to cut down cost.

?  We use 3-level networking construction in the province. Nanchang,Shangrao, Jiujiang,Ganzhou,Yichun and Fuzhou’s six regional monitoring centers LSC are constructed by Guangzhou Bonson, while others by other companies, but all of them will be connected into the provincial comprehensive supervision center CSC constructed by Guangzhou Bonson.

Customer value

?  Realize remote check and control of Site devices, communication assisting device and environment to help reduce operators thus reducing human resource cost;

?  Get rid of the vital accidents like machine burning, machine halt, power off, firing, water leaking and thievery caused by lacking scientific management and manual dereliction of duty, greatly perfect the maintenance management of the devices;

?  Smart maintenance mode can greatly increase the overall working efficiency and support mobile communication core business and make sure the Site device work steadily.

D.G adjustment platform

     The mobile D.G adjustment system is fixed under the experience of manual adjustment D.G, such as the judge of long time power releasing and time of distance. The realization of system’s automatic adjustment and increase the accuracy while reducing human resource cost. After the adjustment of D.G power generating condition monitoring and the management process, we can efficiently boost the adjustment productivity and power generating safeguard ability. Meanwhile, by analyzing the D.G resource use ratio, we can realize the optimization of resources.

Application value

?  Unified management of the mobile D.Gs in the district

  ? Each D.G has its unique ID and belongs to its team or region;

  ? D.G’s condition: can be used, under maintenance and waiting to be maintained;

  ? D.G resource’s region or maintaining team’s developing task torrent management;

  ? When the D.G’s accumulative generating time reaches the set number, it will remind the engine to get maintained;

  ? When the D.G’s accumulative generating time reaches the set number, it will remind the engine to get maintained;

  ? We can directly deal with all sorts of emergencies by electric maps.

?  Power generating maintenance’s record

  ? You can start the D.G’s adjustment time by the systematic set and inform the local maintaining team with messages;

  ? D.G power generating record: Site city power going off/ recovering time, D.G adjustment order distribution time, power generating starting and ending times, power generating current, power voltage and other power parameters record;

  ? The process record can be taken as the maintaining team’s effective access and internal settle accounts’ data support.

Successful cases

Case 1 Henan China Mibile D.G adjustment system

Customer background

      In the Site operation China Mobile Group’s Henan Branch Company, according to the city power’s instability, which makes the station power off, the company not only adopted battery instantly, but it also organized an outer mobile D.G power generating team as the flexible plan. But with the increasing scale of Sites, the change of D.G maintaining team members, the increase of mobile D.G’s number and the exchange borrowing of different maintaining teams, there’s not an unified platform to manage the D.G. If the team lacks enough data as support, access and settle accounts, the D.G won’t be able to operate well.

Challenges that clients facing

?  The Site will go out if the generation is not in time

    The battery will deeply release power and influence its life because of unattended power generating process, which may also make the Site devices go off;

?  Little consideration about D.G adjustment

    During the adjustment plan, if the conditions such as battery’s keep-working ability regional city power quality, transport, weather and other factors, the resources will not be used in a high efficiency;

? Manual cheat and fake high price

   The power generating fee’s calculation is large and done by human hands so the data is usually not very accurate and manual cheat would often happen. If the time if fake, the power generating is empty and shut down by human, the fee will be fake and expensive;

?  D.G maintenance lacks scientific supervision

    s the supplier of the emergency spare battery, the daily maintenance of the generator is of vital importance, so scientific and systematic supervision is needed.

Customer value

?  Grasp the D.G resources’ condition around the province and in queue undertake the maintenance process, assuring the regular using life of mobile D.Gs;

?  As for the power-off Site, we can intelligently undertake the adjustment and deploy the D.G’s power generating task according to nearby principle, preferential guard level principle and special item cure principle.

?  Real-time monitoring about D.G power generating concerning time and quality, provide data support for the assess and settle accounts of the D.G power generating team.

?  D.G resources around the province, according to different city’s power quality to get good distribution.

Battery monitoring management platform

      In our platform, the power generating quality of the spare battery can be effectively guaranteed, we can find out the broken and old battery to warn the safeguard eliminate the risk and help the client choose the high quality spare battery. It can also lower the complexity degree of the skill that the safeguard need and quickly point out the problem of the battery, rapidly solving the problem. The record is in forms of report and images, which can warn you in time to prevent the potential risk.

Application value

?  Predict the real-time working hours of the battery, instructing the work of the D.G;

?  Analyze the battery’s performance, instructing the battery’s maintenance;

?  Analyze the battery’s performance, instructing the battery’s maintenance;

?  Real-time data monitoring, instructing rapid scene check and the power supply condition date;

?  Calculate the performance data of the battery, instructing the choosing of battery.

Successful cases

Case 1 Jiangxi China Mobile battery monitoring system

Project background

      When our client has checked according to the regular examination that there’s no problem with the Site, while the unchecked station has some problems that lead to the station going off, we want our client to be easy with the check and can allow them to predict the weak part and eliminate the potential problem ahead of time.

Case illustration

      Bonson has supplied 2188 Sites to set up battery monitoring devices for Jiangxi China Mobile. By monitoring the power voltage, current, surface temperature of the battery, we can calculate the keep-working ability of the battery with the help of math mode. It is mainly reflected in the operating platform of the monitoring center, and can warn us when the battery performance is lower than the set level, informing safeguard to maintain it in time. According to the condition of the battery, we can set up a battery maintenance plan.

Customer value

?  Carry out battery monitoring, and sort the keep-working hours of the battery;

?  Remind the client to check and maintain the Site with lower battery performance in order to reduce the risk of station’s going off because of it;

?  Systematically explain the present battery and manage the battery resources well.

RFID assets management platform

       RFID operator assets management system solutions are developed for telecom operators, closely combining the core needs, which are assets management system solution, like value management and physical management, wishing to realize the flowing process and dynamic management of assets lifespan, grasping machine room and Site’s volume, construction, distribution and change entirely, accurately and dynamically. It can also solve physical assets’ checking problems and increase the assets use ratio, and reduce the investment to develop its function and lower the depreciation cost of the product thus benefiting more to the enterprise.


?  Assets quantity entering, tag’s intelligent generation;

?  Manually check and auto check combining and online monitor the key machine room;

?  Realize assets lifespan period (addition, allocation, dumping and maintenance, etc.) process’s dynamic tracking.

Application value

?    Realize assets lifespan periodical management and asset auto management

      By utilizing RFID wireless radio frequency automatic identification function and GSM communication network wireless remote transmission function, we can realize the smart dynamic real-time collective management of assets lifespan period (addition, allocation, dumping and maintenance, etc.) without any man-made interference during the process. We can also support accurate referenced data for the enterprise’s investment decision and assets reasonable allocation, so as to effectively expand investment marginal benefit and assets use ratio, reducing unnecessary equipment investment and waste.

?   Realize assets’ human, place, time and object synchronous management

     The system will organically insert assets daily management into the assets management system and realize the information records of task, place, objects and time during the process of assets daily management. There will also be short message warning and effective supervision of the system will come true, which can reduce the pressure of daily management and the cost of annual human resources and physics’ assets check and allocation, hence getting rid of assets loss because of all kinds of factors and boost the enterprise’s management benefit.

?    Realize online assets management

     The system adopts public network IP visiting address, which allows users to visit the system anytime anywhere.

Successful cases

Case 1 Smart Communications corporate assets management RFID reformation

Customer background

      Smart Communications is the subsidiary company concerning mobile phone and internet service of PLDT. Until the May of 2014, the number of its users has reached 70.7 million.

      With the company scale expanding, under the present management mode, information distortion and lagging cause by human work during the process of assets changing will lead to synchronous inconsistency of the accounts. The network department will not be able to optimize the device disposition, thus wasting masses of high-value internet resources and badly influence the authenticity of financial report.

Challenge that the customer facing

?  Masses of Sites and various kinds of device, they have different maintenance time and the management of fixed assets are inadvertent;

?  Too many maintenance staff and long time span, the device information is hard to share and keep integrated;

?  The device allocation process is too frequent and the device information update is not easy. Not easy to have effective supervision and the fixed asset ownership and using right often come apart.


      Bonson has learned and analyzed Smart Communication’s situation and put forward solution for telecom operator’s assets management, therefore we could solve the pain points of massive device, staff and hard-to-handle devices.

?  As for VIP and important Sites, we have deployed antenna to read RFID tags and set sampling period to basically realize real-time assets checking management;

?  As for simple Sites, we have maintenance staff to undertake regular check (each month/ season) by RFID hand-held device to read RFID tags in the station to realize the checking of the internal devices;

Energy-consuming cloud management platform

        Energy-consuming cloud management platform is an online detecting cloud platform suitable for all the energy industries, which applies B/ S design structure and supports mobile phone apps.

       Energy-consuming cloud management platform can collect data from devices such as electricity meter, water meter and thermometer, getting corporate water using, electricity using and gas using, which offers an enterprise’s overall energy-consuming information and at the same time, accurately help you know about the working condition and energy-consuming information of the terminal devices.

Application value

?  Real-time detecting

     We can undertake real-time detecting of the energy-consuming volume of the devices from collected data; the platform supports PC and mobile phone remote real-time detecting.

?  Report form management

     The platform can calculate each energy-using device’s working hour, energy-consuming volume and the statistics can be analyzed by date, month and year, getting an energy efficiency report and export excel form.

?  Disorder warning

     By data collecting and analyzing of the device working condition, we can get to know whether there is disorder and report it by using the platform.

?  Operation and maintenance safeguard

     During the energy-saving safeguard, if you utilize the cloud platform, you can detect all the energy-using device in the project

?  Energy-consuming fee payment

    The platform can pay the energy-consuming fee online to finish the payment easily and quickly with the payment connection.


Successful cases

Case 1 Sun Yat-Sen University Solar Power Research Institute energy monitoring project

       In 2014, Bonson joined hand with Sun Yat-Sen University Solar Power Research (National Key Laboratory) for an energy monitoring project.

      By using paralleled Photo voltaic inverter’s Communication port and computer device, the direct link can allow us to use the matched communication and management software, and by detecting the whole paralleled Photo voltaic system’s operating data with computer information technology we can detect the overall operating condition. What’s more, large-scale multiple subsystem will be displayed and managed in one supervision system.

Future Energy Efficiency Company energy-consuming cloud platform (Yuxing Industrial Zone) project

       In 2014, Bonson undertook Bonson energy-consuming cloud platform Yuxing Industrial Zone for Future Energy Efficiency Company.

      To assist Future Energy Efficiency Company’s energy-saving reformation in the Zone’s enterprises, establishing a complete energy-consuming monitoring system. With the support of real-time data provided by energy-consuming monitoring and record, we can give data support for energy-saving volume and offer energy-consuming analysis.

Case 3 Guangzhou Youjia Gas Concrete Product Limited Company energy-consuming cloud platform project

      In 2015, Bonson developed Guangzhou Youjia Gas Concrete Product Limited Company’s energy-consuming cloud platform project. To assist the company’s corporate development plan of energy-saving, emission-reduction, low energy-consuming living. We can undertake real-time detecting of the high energy-using devices, which include ball grinding mill and distillation equipment, owned by Youjia Gas Company with the energy-consuming cloud platform.


     We undertake data collection, efficiency analysis, device specification management for the energy-consuming devices, in order to reach the goal of reasonable energy-using, scientific energy-using and energy-consuming production.

Communication energy-consuming management platform

      According to mathematical mode composed by Site type, PUE computing, energy-consuming factors, we can have start assess to the Site’s energy-consuming using condition, and five-star is the most. The system is designed for data sharing, data application big platform, supporting multiple-department, multiple-unit and multiple-user simultaneous use.

Energy-saving assess

       According to a certain energy-saving measure, after detecting the date before and after deploying and getting rid of systematic influence such as seasonal change, we can eventually assess the effectiveness of the measure and calculate the contribution of the measure to the Site’s energy-saving work.

Application value

?  Site energy-consuming check

      To integrate the accumulated energy-consuming data in the present network, we can classify the Sites and further analyze the energy-consuming quantitative values of different stations. In each type we choose a model station and make detailed energy-consuming record, and further analyze each type of station’s energy-saving strategy.

?  Site efficiency classification

      Analyzing each type model Site’s data and depending on the relativity of the key independent variables and dependent variables, analyzing the energy-consuming contribution of each key independent variable in each data model, establishing energy-consuming efficiency level of Sites.

?  Site energy-consuming calculation

      After classification and integration of the energy-consuming data model of each month’s classic Site with monthly relativity, we can establish the station’s energy-consuming data model bank, putting each month’s key independent variable into each type of bank to get the calculated energy-consuming volume.

?  Energy-saving method verification

      After classified statistics of the model stations, we can adopt methods such as adding a multipath ammeter to attain Site and air-conditioner’s actual operating energy-consuming, and by evaluating the profits before and after the energy-measure taking we can provide decisions for the upper large-scale promotion and application.

Successful cases

Case 1 Jiangxi China Mobile energy-consuming management system

      Bonson energy-consuming management system was put into use in Jiangxi in 2009, covering 11 cities, 25 areas under city administration, 70 counties, and established 16 big types, 191 bureau station modes, 27 regional modes and undertake energy-consuming management of the 6000 and more Sites and machine rooms. As for different devices’ (including main devices, air-conditioners and monitoring devices) electricity use, we make real-time collection of the data and complete the concentration and unified comprehensive analysis of energy-consuming data.

       There are all together 232 users including agency companies, internet department, financial department, planning and construction department, network management center, project construction department and internal audit department.

User value

       Since the operation of the system, the branch companies of Jiangxi China Mobile have widely increased their energy-saving consciousness.

       According to the report statistics, the Sites which have been brought into our system can save about 415KWh electricity each month, and 45% stations can save 5%-8% electricity compared to the expected index each month.

Photo voltaic power station operation and maintenance platform

      Operation and maintenance service platform is based on cloud service, under the period of Photo voltaic power station lifespan, realizing the 7-day-and-24-hour control of power station operating condition, real-time data monitoring, elaborate diagnosis, disorder warning, operator staff’s training, device and spare articles management, module washing, checking management, goal analyzing, etc., so as to advance the power efficiency of the station, reduce the operation cost, refresh the power station’s assets, realize the station’s financial trade property and eventually realize the Photo voltaic power station’s benefit at most.

Application value

?  With the help of Photo voltaic power station operation and maintenance service platform, we can detect and assess the station’s lifespan period’s Photo voltaic environment resources, operating condition, voltage, current, power , electric quantity, operation benefit, investment return rate. We research collecting equipment all by ourselves and finish the real-time collecting and transmission displayed in data or report, which can help improve the power generating ratio and lower the operating cost to refresh the station’s assets and realize the station’s financial trade property.

?  We can detect the actual Photo voltaic volume, environment resource condition within the statistics period of the station;

?  We can detect the power generating and network purchasing electricity volumes within the statistics period of the station;

?  We can detect and assess the economic benefit condition of the station;

?  With the help of the operation and maintenance platform, we can send operator staff to the disorder point as soon as we can to reduce the checking time and meanwhile, reducing the maintenance cost and enhancing efficiency.

Successful cases

1. Inner Mongolia China Mobile Photo voltaic complementary Site and centralized monitoring system

2. Changzhi City, city power Photo voltaic complementary bus station and centralized monitoring system

3. Sun Yat-Sen University solar power research center, distributive Photo voltaic power station and centralized monitoring system

4. China Electrical Equipment Research Institute Huadu Photo voltaic operation and maintenance monitoring system

5. China Electrical Equipment Research Institute Turpan Photo voltaic operation and maintenance monitoring system

6. China Electrical Equipment Research Institute Yuyi, Jiangsu Photo voltaic operation and maintenance monitoring system

Qionghai City tropical environment trail base distributive Photo voltaic power station Photo voltaic operation and maintenance monitoring system

8. Dongguan City Getianna Group distributive Photo voltaic power station Photo voltaic operation and maintenance monitoring system

Communication sites operation and maintenance management platform

      Communication Site operation and maintenance management platform is a comprehensive platform for Site’s management, which include real-time parameters of each kind of device and environment throughout the power and environment monitoring, meanwhile, after the Site sends alarming, client’s order-appointing system will smartly generate Site maintenance working order, allocating D.G power generating team and when the maintenance is complete,the records of maintaining reaction time and working condition will be made to support the maintaining team’s implementation, management and assess.

     According to the use of operation and maintenance management platform, we can provide the following service for our customers:

?  Power system guarantee

     For the power system (city power, D.G, external oil tank, battery, distribution box’s regular check and maintenance)

?  Device disorder maintenance

      Undertake regular maintenance, and special incident informed to special team to maintain;

?  Working environment disorder undertaking

      Water, fire, temperature and humidity disorder undertaking;

?  Thievery protection maintenance

      The process after power, oil and Site devices like battery are stolen;

?  Electric quantity statistics

      Regular form copying, statistics, analyzing of the device’s electric quantity;

?  Site daily maintenance

      Safeguard the Site’s working environment: tidiness, cleaning, ant-fire, anti-water, and the temperature and humidity are suitable for the device;

?  Optimization if the present operation and maintenance process

      Device check, allocation process; D.G power generation, oil adding, accounting process; optimization of old device’s elimination and change; optimization of incident reaction and reporting process; energy-consuming analyzing and optimization strategy.

Application value

     Site operation and maintenance management platform can efficiently engage material, staff, incident in the system and record the process.

?  Increase the timely condition and accuracy of operation and maintenance;

?  Effectively allocate resources and make kinds of emergency reaction system;

?  Assess the operator staff’s professional ability and improve the overall quality of the team.

Successful cases

Kuwait Sitepower and environment monitoring project

      In 2016, Bonson established 100 Sitepower and environment monitoring systems in Kuwait, including oil adding, power supply energy-consuming analyzing, environment condition monitoring and adjustment, image smart thievery protection, battery management and maintenance, intelligent device detecting, etc. And we provide our clients with special application function, which has won their highly evaluation.

Charging pile operation management platform

      Because of power or field, the charging piles have formed many features like massive amount, wide distribution, no one to look after and difficult to manage, but with the help of operation service platform, we can realize networking information management of the single charging pile, as well as charging pile’s data real-time detecting, disorder warning, operating condition inquiry, registering, using, charging, payment, data printing, management, maintenance and operation, establishing new energy auto user’s port, charging pile management or investor, third-party operating company, power grid and real estate’s perfect connection, forming a sharing mode of charging payment anywhere at anytime.

Successful cases

      Liuzhou city charging pile operation management platform

      Under the strong support of Liuzhou Development and Reform Commission and other government sectors, Guangzhou Bonson has provided electrical car charging pile devices and software management platform in Liuzhou municipal authoritative building’s parking lot and civil parking lots, helping service cars and the masses use the charging piles and management platform.

Flexible cloud monitoring management platform

       Flexible cloud monitoring is a trans-industry, optional and micro app cloud monitoring platform, it can provide our clients with the satisfaction of comprehensive needs such as real-time check, anti-fire, anti-water and anti-thievery. Through the mobile app of the monitoring, our clients can check their shops and warehouses’ real-time video, historic video and monitoring condition information at anytime anywhere. They can also immediately receive the disorder warning of the site they have payed attention to, and take ready measures to keep safe. We provide financial data coding to assure the cloud storage videos.



Product features

?  Very simple installing allocation, support allocation and operating voice notice and WIFI connection to get rid of the worry of line distribution;

?  Mobile phone real-time remote video check, bilateral real-time vice message, remote photos and videos;

?  Support warning main machine’s connection, and each machine can support at most 64-way entrance guard, smoke sensing, water soaking, temperature, humidity, infrared ray detector’s connecting;

?  Support incident linkage of detector device and internet camera, short messages and mobile phones;

?  Support mobile detecting, and can set alarming photos and send short messages, emails to inform;

?  Support real-time video 7-day-24-hour cloud storage, financial level data encryption and it’s safe and dependable that you needn’t worry about losing the videos;

?  As for warehouse storage industry with special requirement of temperature and humidity, we provide each period’s detailed report information of each detecting dot, which will be convenient for the users to check anytime at anywhere.

Successful cases

Case 1 Shenzhen Futian District Exhibition Center’s flexible cloud shop-keeper management project of a certain chain shop

Customer background

      Located in Shenzhen Futian District Exhibition Center, the chain shop has installed remote monitoring device, and it has 4 shops and a warehouse with an area of 170 square meters. With the expansion of the shop’s scale, some problems such as staff management, customer disputes are very common. Since the shops are located in the downtown, the safety of the shop and some problems like fire, water and thievery are severe and lacks effective remote centralized management.


Challenges that customers facing

?  Whether there will be a thief when a customer arrives? How to deal with the thief when the shop is closed or there’s no one in the shop;

?  Whether local storage is safe? If the camera is broken by someone, will the local storage be lost;

?  When there’s fire or water leaking in the shop or the warehouse have cargo, how to deal with it;

?  When a quarrel happens if a customer insist that he get less money change or if he loses something in the shop, how to get proofs if he demands compensation;

?  Whether the staff is on duty, how is the shop operation going. When you need to go out, will the new staff be responsible for his work.

Customer value

?  Support 7-day-and-24-hour all day real-time video free cloud monitoring,360 degree cloud platform rotation, easily covers the shops and warehouse storage’s angles. Financial level video coding to assure the safety and efficiency of the video storage;

?  All day shop video to allow our clients to grasp everyday condition and management of the staff; voice conversations anytime at anywhere to have barrier free remote communication;

?  The shop and warehouse adopt door magnetic stripe or infrared rays, so when someone breaks in, the mobile detecting technology will warn to alarm and send alarming messages to your mobile phone app. Meanwhile, with the assistance of alarming phones or voice and light alarming, when someone breaks in illegally, it will be useful;

?  The shop and warehouse have fire alarm detect and by wireless smoke sensing detector to undertake real-time detecting. Once there’s fire, it will immediately send out strong warning and mobile alarming message report, and meanwhile check the fire condition with cameras to help the users adopt correct emergency aid measures.

?  Stable WIFI environment will free you from the troubles of line distribution, and very simple installing allocation will advance the user experience.


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