General situation

In 2003, Guangzhou Bonson Info. System Limited Company was established in Guangzhou Gaotang National Software Development Base, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Bonson’s registered capital is 50 million yuan and it is a hi-tech company concerning research and development, production, marketing and service.

During the last dozen years, Bonson has provided professional power environment centralized control system service for communication carriers, and it has been involved in the programming of several power & environment supervision standard and it’s a pioneer in information, operation and maintenance management in the communications industry of China. Bonson can offer big data operation and information management for its clients and at the same time, it’s in the transformation progress from a professional product and system supplier into a comprehensive information, operation and maintenance management service supplier.

Development stages

1.Focusing on communication, the stage of power and environment development

      From 2004 to 2012, Bonson has been focusing on R&D and application of power and environment monitoring products and gradually became the main supplier for internal telecom operators. In the present market, the number of operation and maintenance Sites in the network is more than 100 thousand.

      In August, 2015, Bonson became one of the suppliers of China Tower and won the bidding of China Tower’s 300 thousand procurement item of Sitepower and environmentmonitoring system in the first period (occupying 16% of national share), bringing 166 million orders.

2.Scientific and technological innovation, the stage of product line extension

      In response to the transformation strategy, Bonson, in 2012, enriched its product line and has formed its five main businesses, namely power and environment monitoring system, operation and maintenance management system, charging pile, energy consumption cloud and business cloud monitoring. The market field has expanded from communication operator to energy internet.

      In 2016, in response to national policy, Bonson set up its electricity selling and energy management business.

3.Cooperating with Huawei, the stage of global expansion

      In 2013, Bonson became the operation and maintenance management system supplier of Huawei’s overseas communication stations, and its business scope has reached Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Hungary, Kuwait, Poland, Egypt and many other overseas countries.。

Honor and qualification

Bonson has large number of qualifications such as Certificate of New High-tech Enterprise, Third Level Qualification of Computer Information System Integration, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Authentication, CMMI Level 3, Certificate of Design, Construction and Maintenance of Security & Technology Protection System, Enterprise of Credit, etc.

Bonson has lots of intellectual property rights, and it has 13 patents, 28 software copyrights and 6 patents for invention under substantive examination. In 2014, our power and environment monitoring product DEMS3000 passed the inspection and certification of CE and ROHS from the trusted hosting organizations TüV and it has enjoyed a good market in Europe.


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