Brand origin

Established in 1994, Guangzhou Bonson Technology Limited Company’s main BOSS businesses are mobile communication billing, operating and web management.

In 1999, invited by Chine Mobile, Bonson participated in the technical standard set of machine room/ Sitepower and environmentcentralized monitoring system.

In 2000, Bonson’s power and environmentmonitoring system as the only con-generic product that passed the identification of Ministry of Information Industry, was listed among the National Torch Plan.

In 2002, Asia-Infopurchased Bonson Info. With 47 million dollars.


In 2003, Guangzhou Bonson Info. System Limited Company was established.

From 2003 to 2010, Bonson took a major part in the setting and perfection of China Mobile’s power and environment monitoring system standard.

In 2006, Bonson became the first to realize the butt joint with the northbound interface, which is the joint of Jiangxi China Mobile and Yiyang Network Management System.

Oversea expansion

From 2009 to 2014, Bonson has occupied a stable 5% market share in internal telecom operators.

In 2013, Bonson became the operation and maintenance management system supplier of Huawei’s overseas communication stations, and its business scope has reached Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Hungary, Kuwait, Poland, Egypt and many other overseas countries.

Scientific transformation

In 2013, Bonson established an innovation incubation mechanism and realized the transformation from system integrator to product operator.

In 2015, Bonson passed the FSU product access network test of China Tower.

In August, 2015, Bonson became one of the suppliers of China Tower and won the bidding of China Tower’s 300 thousand procurement item of Sitepower and environmentmonitoring system in the first period (occupying 16% of national share), bringing 166 million orders.

Industry extension

From 2014 to 2016, Bonson has been involved in energy internet, and it has enriched its product line business into Photo voltaic power station management, energy consumption cloud, charging pile management, industrial and communication safety terminal product, etc.



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